Stock Market

Broking: The terminology stock broking generally is used in the field of share market and trading. The business or services of buying and selling of goods and assets on behalf of others and earning remuneration for the same is called as Broking. Broking is the firm which gives platform to work in the field of stocks, bonds, commodities or currency etc. to trade.

These firms are registered with either or both the exchange bodies such as NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE (NSE) and BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE (BSE) where the securities are being traded and is being under Regulations of STOCK EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA (SEBI). Stock Broking is one of the highest yielding Lucrative Financial Instrument available in this global volatile
market today for Investors.

Finance & Co Operative Credit Society

FINANCE: Finance is a term which is often used in reference to the study of systematic and provisional arrangements of money management, wealth  distribution, investment assets and other such alternative variable instruments for leveraging of funds. Finance is an art of fund management, resourcing and proportional growth of its elementary value.

Finance can be broadly categorized into investing, borrowing, lending, sharing, saving, accumulating and compounding. The genesis and existence of finance has been the only economic aid for tackling inflation rates since
time immemorial and will always continue to do so.

(Life, Health & General)

INSURANCE: Insurance provides financial security and prevents financial loss.
It is an arrangement in which an individual pays a certain amount for a period of time to an Insurance Company and the company shall repay the accumulated or compounded fund in the forms of Claims/maturity.

In case of any unpleasant event or in case of death which happens to the insured or at the end of policy term respectively, one can secure their property, life or health against the loss or damage. This type of financial arrangement is the need of the hour in our society today for every individual and will be pretty soon, a mandatory component for existence and survival of human beings like in developed countries like USA and UK.

Distributor & Reseller of FMCG & Wellness Products

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Consultancy & Counselling

We have a panel of experts onboard who help in consulting and Counselling of all sorts of marketing strategies including Web Designing and Digital Marketing.